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Contemporary Site-specific Dance

A speculative site-specific set design and realised costume design
Choreographer: Scarlett Perdereau.
Dancers: Irad Timberlake and Hui Chen.
Co-Designers:  Jiayi Ding, Greta Dietz, Leshaun Williams, Nathan Leung, Serafima Denisova

Sound design & Video edit: Jiayi Ding
Location: Balcony outside the Design Studio, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

屏幕截图 2023-04-22 132349.png

Movement drawing

Our concept is magnetism; the push and pull 
between two magnetic poles and the contrast 
between proximity and distance.

We incorporate small magnets in the costumes to create a literal magnetic pull between the two dancers, and also underline the sculptural look of two bodies in stiller moments of the choreography.​ And Using UV light to create visible and spatial vibes for the evening performance.

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