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Vault Festival 2023


Director. Mary Bruton-Andrews & Mark Collier

Musical Director: Tony Henwood

Choreographer: Carryl Thomas
Designer: Jiayi Ding

Sound Designer: Neil Reynolds

Sound Operators: Sophie Allwright

Lighting Designer: Mark Collier

Lighting Programmer: Steven Frost

Lighting Operator: Justine Bourrette

Stage Managers: Stella Della Ragione & Eva Ilieva

Deputy Stage Managers: Emma Quayle

Location: Edward Latymer Theatre,

Latymer Upper School


Photo by Jiayi Ding and Latymer Upper School

In reflecting on the ironic aspects of Chicago's injustice, crime, and politics, I designed the set as an entertainment stage to symbolize the show business in a contemporary context. The LED lights and light strips are used to demarcate the indoor jail space and performance stage to create a neutral sense of the space.


Concept Art Collage

set+ led tubes.png

SketchUp Model

1:25 Model Box

Chicago costume portfolio_edited.jpg
Chicago costume portfolio_edited.jpg


Roxie Hart

Velma  Kelly


Amos Hart

Mama Matron

Mary Sunshine

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